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CBS 7435

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Single Row ViewCBS7435_21102016.gff3all features09-JAN-2018 17:04K. pastorisCBS 743510MBDownload
Single Row Viewcbs7435_uORFs.gff3upstream ORFs24-APR-2018 10:04K. pastorisCBS 7435182KBDownload
Single Row Viewcbs7435_u_d_ATGs.gff3upstream/downstram ATGs24-APR-2018 10:05K. pastorisCBS 743583KBDownload
Single Row Viewcbs7435_UTRs.gff3with Cufflinks predicted UTRs24-APR-2018 10:06K. pastorisCBS 7435477KBDownload
Single Row Viewcbs7435_PRT.faprotein sequences24-APR-2018 10:30K. pastorisCBS 74353MBDownload
Single Row Viewcbs7435_PRT_only_new.faonly new Proteins24-APR-2018 14:34K. pastorisCBS 7435317KBDownload
Single Row Viewcbs7435_CDS.faCoding Sequences24-APR-2018 14:35K. pastorisCBS 74357MBDownload
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Single Row View20170608_GS115_toberescued.xlsxGS115 ORFs removed from the annotation in NCBI, which should be re annotated24-APR-2018 14:28K. pastorisGS11512KBDownload
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